UPLift: How Blessed Are All who Fear the Lord

by J. Randal Matheny, UPLift

Based on Psalm 128

How blessed are all who fear the Lord,
Who walk in all his ways;
For them are heaven’s blessings stored,
And riches all their days.

A happy living your labors yield,
Your wife a fruitful vine;
Your home will be a prosperous field,
At table your children dine.

The key to joy is godly fear,
On you God’s powerful hand,
To see your children’s sons appear,
And peace throughout the land.

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The REB and NJB were the Bible versions consulted for this verse. I bought both of them yesterday at McKay’s used bookstore in Nashville TN. They’ll be good resources for Bible research.

The blessedness of one who fears God shows how this godly fear and reverence is far different from the cringing imagined by many. The Bible presents fear as a good thing. The reverent person is happy and content.

Fear is lacking in our society today. Few respect God. Irreverence is considered a positive thing. In that arrogant attitude people revel, but their lives reveal great poverty of spirit.

I pray your life reflects such beautiful fear and knowledge of God.

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J. Randal Matheny

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