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WRITE ON THE HEART, by J. Randal Matheny

Your name in sand will wash to sea,
Or fade with time when carved in a tree,
Don’t write in vain on the cold blue sky,
But on the heart where love won’t die.

Old people say that they don’t make music like they used to. In 1911, one hundred years ago, Irving Berlin wrote the song, “Alexander’s Ragtime Band.” Listening to this, as sung by Bessie Smith in 1927, one just might have to admit that the old folk are right.

A short poem today from Fred G. Bowles, a Tin Pan Alley songwriter. Whatever else he wrote, this sentiment continues to be valid for our day.

A Song of the Road

I lift my cap to Beauty, I lift my cap to Love;
I bow before my Duty, and know that God’s above!
My heart through shining arches of leaf and blossom goes;
My soul, triumphant, marches through life to life’s repose.
And I, through all this glory, nor know, nor fear my fate—
The great things are so simple, the simple are so great!

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