Update on life in general

I returned to participating in the church-of-Christ list on Yahoo. Here’s my post as I hooked back in:

I’m back on the list, still not back in my office, but maybe by the first of next week. The sheetrock (fairly new to Brazil) is all finished, they’re painting and should be finished tomorrow. Clean-up Monday, and still shelves and light fixtures have to be installed. *sigh* It’s looking nice though.

Manuscript is coming slow. With all my office installed on the dining table and two pups yelping and smelling the place up, it’s a wonder I’m getting anything done. Thanks to a good wife who keeps me plied with hot tea.

I take son Joel to FHU August 9 and will stay in the US for a couple of weeks before coming back. Then Kevin Cauley comes in September, our big weekend here in the congregation happens early October, I speak at the Cold Harbor Road lectures in Richmond in November, and I’m ready for Santa by Christmas.

Also, two possibilities came up: our friend Francisco was let go from his executive position at a Brazilian airline after it declared insolvency; we’re talking about him coming to work with us here. Problem may be we can’t afford him, but we’re talking.

Also, an American friend and ex-missionary whom I’ve known for many years may be returning to Brazil. I’m talking to him about working here in our region, which hasn’t gotten much attention as far as evangelistic efforts go. Please pray for these two possibilities.

I think I probably gave you the link to our Spring 2005 report, an overview of what’s happening these parts, but here it goes again:

http://randal.fastmail.fm/sjc/ Click on the report2005.ppt

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