Jorge, Paula and Daniel spent the night with us Saturday, after the Christian ladies met in Taubate that afternoon at Aline’s house. They live in Sao Paulo and we often invite them to stay, but Jorge does a lot of research for his work on the weekends, so it’s not often they come. We were pleased they took us up this time.

After church Sunday, Vicki had prepared lunch, so we and Jorge’s family went back to our house to eat. Leila made her lemon pie, but I went for one of the brownies left over from our Wednesday night study.

Speaking of which, we had two visitors Sunday morning at SJCampos from our Wednesday study. A single doctor converted by  the ICOC in Mozambique while working there and her mother have been participating the last several weeks on Wednesdays, and they turned up for our meeting Sunday.

Joao and Teca Cruz, and their son Daniel, visited us at Taubate last night. Joao is the evangelist with the Vila Guilherme church in Sao Paulo. He always travels with a sermon up his sleeve, so he accepted my invitation to speak to the saints. I lead the singing, Humberto gave the communion meditation, and Haroldo presided over the offering. Jorge led several prayers.

Joao and family have taken off for the long weekend (Sept. 7 is the Brazilian Independence Day), and were staying with Haroldo last night. So we went to Haroldo’s house afterwards and visited with them and ate pizza together.

My last two articles on Forthright Magazine reflect the content of my last two messages in the series of sermons on what makes the Lord’s church distinctive. They both deal with unity: “Preserving the Unity of the Spirit,” and “Unity in Seven Words.” Worth your while to check out. You knew I’d say that, didn’t you?

Today, as I mentioned is a holiday, so we have Paulo, Socorro, their baby Netinho, and Socorro’s sister Cosma coming for lunch. Which means I need to finish this and get out of here. I’m catching a ride home with them as they come through town. Some time ago Paulo saw a peach cobbler in a movie and wished he could try it. Today, he gets his wish.

What do you think?