The Scots don’t much like it, and the other edgy pieces of the UK quilt haven’t much use for it either, but the PM wants to doll up citizen pomp with a oath of allegiance to the Crown and the UK. In the murky confusion of defining British citizenship, G. Brown wants to create a defining statement for schoolchildren to inculcate a love of Queen and country.

Even the English aren’t much impressed by it, so it seems. The Times opened comments for suggestions, and many are hilarious. Some sound like the 10 commandments; others, like a TV comedian. Every political stripe is painted, too. For instance,

I pledge, as a citizen of the United Kingdom that I will faithfully and fully comply with the newly up and coming imposition of Sharia Law throughout the Kingdom. I will uphold British pessimism, I will hate and loath the United States, I will support unlimited immigration from Islamic countries and finally I will do nothing to reject the leftists who have destroyed this once great and proud nation! So help me….Allah?

Mr. Brown & Co. are right to be concerned, since the UK is no longer that country of quaint and merry … er, Britain. But, from the reaction one sees, this is a task for 100 years ago, not for the multi-cultural and -lingustic hodge-podge that is the Kingdom today.

I’ve almost lost my urge to revisit the place, after wonderful days in Buckinghamshire and in the drizzle of Dunoon.

What do you think?