Sixty percent of British kids have never heard of the Good Samaritan. And the story of the Crucifixion, 43%.

So says the UK Bible Society survey.

Among adults, 54% thought the Hunger Games might be in the Bible, and 34% thought Harry Potter might be.

Amongst all the media, 82% of children still like reading from a book.

Americans and Brazilians probably wouldn’t do much better in a similar survey.

It’s time to pick up the Bible and read to the kids.

One thought on “Brits leave kids ignorant of Bible. Harry Potter might be a Bible story

  1. I can understand their ignorance. If I spend a minimum of 2 hours a day studying the Bible and read through the Bible 6-8 times a year in two languages, yet occasionally miss some easy questions on the internet Bible Quiz there is little wonder those who never read it would know so little. You are correct, it’s time to start reading to our children/grandchildren.

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