God gives clarity to the mind that seeks him. Confusion reigns in the world. Fools spout nonsense. The lazy rise up only to criticize the worker. The crazy person throws gasoline on fire and eggs on conflict. God shows us the end of all this. Glory to the Lord for the lucidity of truth!

Read Proverbs 26.

There is no other God besides the Lord who created heaven and earth. He is the one God, the living and true God. He does not live on the earth, nor inhabit special temples or sacred places. He lives in those who obey him. His people are his temple. Glory be to God for dwelling in us!

Many people seek God when they feel they need something: relief from problems, solutions to crises, healing for body or relationships. God wants us to seek him for himself. No need is greater than our need for him. He created us this way. Glory to God for satisfying this deepest need!