God sends his saints into the world to proclaim the gospel and prepares for his people all they need to carry through with their task of sharing the gospel. Every single Christian is given the necessary truth, tools, motivation, and courage to teach others. Glory to God for providing for his people of light!

David reminded Saul of the old proverb, “From evil people evil proceeds.” We can expect evil things from evil people. We can expect all people to act in their own interests. But God and his people are different. To them this proverb applies, “From the good heart good overflows.” Glory to God for his good heart!

God’s promises are solemn. He is serious about fulfilling them. He seals them with an oath. He pledges by his own self to bring everything to pass that he has said he will do. God will not change his plan nor alter his rules. Glory to God for his oath!

There is true grace and false grace. We can identify them both. True grace includes the suffering for the gospel. We must not avoid suffering as Christians. We must continue firmly in this grace. Give glory to God for grace and truth!

Read 1 Peter 5.12.