Two weeks into trip

* The Sherman Drive congregation in Denton TX and the Central church in Chandler OK (see links here) have signaled their desire to participate with us in the GoSpeak ministry. We’re grateful for their decisions and pray this association may glorify the Lord.

* The lower portion of Mom’s heart was beating faster the the upper part. She’s been doing tests and seeing doctors. Looks like meds may take care of the problem, but it will take a while to tweak the treatment. We came in to Paragould directly from Denton Sunday night to spend a bit of time with her and dad and check up on her.

* A couple of situations on my side of the family have also arisen, one of which we’ve been present for, so we’re glad to perhaps have helped in a small way.

* Steve and Jean Lucas from the Chandler church took us, among other OKC spots, to the Oklahoma City National Memorial. A sobering experience.

* Steve and Jean were at FHU the same time we were, so it’s a pleasure to reconnect with them. I was impressed with the family atmosphere of the Central church and with the easy, relaxed atmosphere among them.

* Today I closed out the working fund account from the Center Hill church. I wasn’t able to do that in May/June, since a credit card was attached to it, and we had to wait on the transfer. So the last connection to the congregation has been terminated, though the spiritual link to many friends there continues.

* Wednesday, with the Levy church in N. Little Rock. Sunday, with the Madison AL church. In between those two commitments, not sure yet where we’ll be. Weekend in Huntsville (next to Madison) with Micah and Valerie, for sure. With Joel, Tansy and Eden either before or starting on Monday. We’ll get it all fit in there.

* Leila and Orrin Deaver declared their official dating relationship after time together. May the Lord bless them as they explore the possibilities together. Orrin works with WVBS.

* This site was down for several days, don’t know why. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

* Vicki, Leila and I had lunch today with Vernon and Ellen Lacey. Vernon served as an elder at Center Hill for the entire time we were supported by the congregation. He recently resigned, in name, but the spirit of service is still there. They have been great friends and a wonderful encouragement to us. Their example and love continues to inspire us.

* A new GoSpeak report is out, vol. 26, no. 7. May be an item or two in that you’ve not seen yet.

J. Randal Matheny

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  1. God takes care of his people. Thanking God for his care of you and his continued care of us both.

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