Two personal prayer resources

For your personal prayers, here are two resources to help you get organized, one to print out, another an online email reminder service.

  • Free prayer journal in Word (docx). You can download, unzip, and customize it at will. It’s offered by an evangelical lady, it seems. Unfortunate that it’s in a proprietary format, but the super-duper LibreOffice will open it. (If I had her permission, I’d convert it for you into a odt open format.)
  • Echo prayer manager. This online service lets you set up your prayers on a weekly schedule and receive email reminders of each prayer. h/t Sarah of previous site.

We’re praying about some sort prayer initiative of our own. You might add that to your prayers as well.

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J. Randal Matheny

1 thought on “Two personal prayer resources

  1. Hello! Another prayer resource that might be of interest to you is Halluco. Its purpose is to help Christians document and share their walk with God. On top of featuring personal journals and blogs, it allows users to create personal prayer lists through a prayer panel, which allows users to edit them and record testimonies about them too. Hope this is of use.

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