Twitter tag for churches of Christ?

Does anybody know of one, or have a good proposal? Join the discussion here.

I checked cofc and that’s overrun by College of Charleston students with bad mouths. The abbrev. coc is likewise some college hangout.

I asked several brother tweeples, and got no reply.

So I ask here, is there already a twitter tag for the church of Christ?

If not, what would be a good one? Only thing I could think of off the top of my head was ntchr for NT Christian.

Got to be a better one than that. Suggestions?

UPDATE: I see that the coc tag is not used that much. What say we take it over?

J. Randal Matheny

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10 thoughts on “Twitter tag for churches of Christ?

  1. Realizing space is at a premium in a tweet, we should balance that with readability/searchability. Thus I recommend #chchrist. Of course Paula’s recommendation #theway is very scriptural, but the best tag is one that would be recognizable both by members of the church and those without.

    I just don’t know if there is one that meets that standard.

  2. The latter is shorter, Mike, so it would get my vote before the former suggestion. When I have space I’ve been putting #churchofchrist, which means not often.

    Thinking through this again (quickly, admittedly), I think my suggestion in the update still holds: do a takeover of #coc since it’s not used much. Whatcha think?

  3. Randal,

    If we can take #coc over, let’s do it! I don’t know how to take it over, but I’m supposing you do.

    I’m still in the learning stages of Twitter and probably not doing a very good job.


  4. To say take over is a manner of speaking. Just let’s use it and fill that hash term up with entries by brethren, to the point that anybody else will think twice before using it, and theirs letting lost in the shuffle of stuff by the church. I hope I’m making sense.

  5. I just created entries at and and defined as tags used by members of the Church. monitors, tracks and defines hash trends on twitter. they are one of two leading sites tracking hashtags, and the leader in hashtag definitions. I recommend contacting anyone you know with a church or publication on twitter and ask them to start using it.

    Now the word just needs to be spread to utilize the tags often and it will stick.

    and for extra fun, you must follow these Twitterers:

    very funny stuff. If you retreat anything from your church, or perhaps a joke from barton or alexander, then make sure you use the tag!

  6. by “retreat” i meant “retweet”!

    also, please add your churches to the “external links” area of the listing… and then encourage them to use the tag w/ each update!

  7. on second thought… perhaps #728b is a better idea.

    super unique and puts a smile on your face. #coc and #cofc are both in moderate use by universities, it appears.

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