Below, some tweets from various accounts, and some thoughts too big for a tweet.

• Existence has meaning which can be discerned and used to frame our lives. Otherwise, it’s all for nothing. The secret is to discover it.

• The coward makes the wrong decision for fear of others’ opinions. The courageous person has only one thought in mind: to do what’s right before God.

• I’m no prophet nor the son of a prophet, but I predict the church will send millions more dollars to Japanese relief efforts than it has ever spent evangelizing the country. This deeply disturbing thought, if true, means we don’t have the mission of God for this world.

• Activities that do not promote the salvation of souls or the spiritual edification of Christians should either change or cease.

• No one can hold back a tsunami. No one can prevent God’s victory and the victory of those who love him.

• The disciples asked, “Who then can be saved?” He said, “I’m going to Jerusalem.” Hmm. Read Luke 18.

• A quote, by William Woodson: “Whatever happened to the attitude in a Christian’s heart of ‘I’d like to be a part of the congregation because of what I can do to meet its needs’? When are we most fulfilled? When our needs are met? Or when we meet the needs of God’s church on this earth? We ought to be a part of a congregation not so that our needs can be met, but rather so that we may best meet the needs of God’s work.

• A short proverbial couplet, done just for this post: The lazy like their duty shirked; Successful people planned and worked.

• A higher word, the final word, the answer to a question, the solution to our human need: “What is impossible for mere humans is possible for God” (Luke 18:27).

What do you think?