A few thoughts on my day off today. (Day off on Thurs.? Yeah, weird, I know.)

* Though our NTChristian email group is still small, we have people from all over: Brazil (me :D), Italy, UK, Australia. There may be more, but those are the ones I’ve been able to identify from emails and personal knowledge.

* My friend and our moderator Richard Mansel has had two of his Forthright articles mentioned and quoted on television programs. How is that, out of all our writers? He’s motivated, disciplined, and strives to improve all the time. He not only is the one writer who himself proposed being a columnist, but he works hard on improving his writing and he really puts himself out to advertise his articles on the web. He doesn’t wait on the editors or anybody else to do that. Congrats, Richard.

* Buses are on strike today here in SJC. We took our car in today for a complete going-over, and the mechanic brought me back to the house, so we’re stuck at home for the day. Means I have to listen to the dogs bark.

* Wife has swelling and pain in the jaw, so we’re praying the Lord will heal her. Ask your prayers as well. Dentist found nothing, xrays inconclusive, we trust it’s nothing serious.

* Our wintertime has finally arrived. Nights and morning here are around 9-11º Celsius, daytime gets up to 24º, making for quite a contrast in temps. Lots of people with colds.

* Schools are out during July here, something of a short vacation month for some. So at SJC I’m doing a short sermon series for this month only: Going Forward (1) with God; (2) with Christ; (3) with the Holy Spirit; (4) with the Church.

* Mid-morning here now, so it’s time for some chai tea steeped in soy milk and toast. Ah, that’s the life! Join me?

What do you think?