Truth is the strong thing. Let man’s life be true! —Robert Browning

Ours is the Age of Relativity, in which something may or not be true, in which your truth may not be mine, in which the sign of the age is the question mark.

As ignored and deplored as truth may be, however, it still runs under the foundation of the world, still sits enthroned on the heights of the mountains, still whistles in the forest, still beckons from the cold light of the stars.

As God’s presence is above and beneath, far and near, so his truth pervades the world, and man chooses to invent his personal version and bump into the corners of truth never knowing his bruises and contusions and breaks (and death!) all come from his brushes with truth.

The Bible is the perennial bestseller, the most translated document, and the least read and followed.

Power is in the truth and those who follow it and buy it and refuse to sell it have real and lasting strength.

Do you care about truth?

What do you think?