I was just now singing L.O. Sanderson’s song, “The Lord Has Been Mindful of Me,” from theĀ Songs of the Church hymnal which I’d pulled off the bookself. Low and behold, in the third stanza this phrase appears, “I have doors ever open.” That is a truth that I was blind to for a long time, back in the day. Listen to the song:

(Thanks to the Kleinwood church for the audio file.)

I mention this truth in one chapter of my book, Choose!. I wrote:

Some years ago I spent a depressing time telling myself that I had no choice. I was stuck. There were no options. I was facing a blank wall. A dead-end street.

The self-talk was a lie. Though I had reached at a point where my goals had been frustrated, so many other avenues were open to me that I could not see.

Today, I have so many options, it’s hard to choose among them.

Do you ever feel this way?

2 thoughts on “A truth I was blind to

  1. We’ve all probably thought this because our human eyesight is so limited. It is when we understand God has no such limitations that we begin to see possibilities instead of limitations. Certainly the providence of God is evident in how he has used us. We learn to lean upon that understanding and trust God as we reach out into the future.

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