Truths that ground, blessings that lift

Occasionally, I have to sit down and take stock, remembering truths that ground me and blessings that lift me.

  1. God is in control and guides all things toward the end that he desires. No one can block his will.
  2. In Christ are all spiritual blessings, and I’m in Christ. I can tell you how to enter as well.
  3. Through the Spirit, God is near, so very near, that he abides in me.
  4. In Scripture, God speaks clearly and leaves no doubt about what he is doing or what I need to do.
  5. The body of Christ is where I grow and find ways to serve.
  6. Life is a struggle, life in Christ is victory, and passing into eternity to be with him is the crowning achievement.
  7. Gratitude to God changes the grumbling spirit into a joyous heart. Let thanksgiving flow often from the tongue.
  8. God gives me all I need in order to do everything he desires, including time, strength, and resources.
  9. Beside this man stands a godly woman who deserves honor, praise, and glory for her dedication, faith, and loyalty.
  10. God uses small things to accomplish great objectives, humble people to glorify himself, and hidden moments to proclaim his great acts.
  11. God gives a purpose to cover every action, a strength for every challenge, and a solace for every tear.
  12. God loves freely. Life can be an exercise in imitating that love.
J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

5 thoughts on “Truths that ground, blessings that lift

  1. Thanks Randal. These were much needed words for me. You bless my life (and many, many others) continually with your perspective.

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