True Thanksgiving

This my offering to you and yours on this American Thanksgiving holiday.

by J. Randal Matheny, copyright (c) 2008

Around the table ripe with food,
The family shares the finest bounty;
Laughter, joy and love abound,
The gift of peace and golden grace;
Such blessings gladly given above
Are welcomed by men and women below,
While lips repeat the lilting song,
The gospel word, that God is good.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

6 thoughts on “True Thanksgiving

  1. Amen……God is good! Nice way to remind us all to keep God in our thoughts as we share this Thanksgiving season.

  2. Well said, well said indeed! This is probably my favorite holiday. It seems to bring to mind all the blessings we have on this earth and it trancends all religious boundries!

  3. Blessed are you that give thanks to the Lord. What a reminder to all of us, please pray for Zimbabwe especially Cholera vitims. Praise him in all situations.

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