Trip update, school reunion

Continues unabated our fast pace, but always positive so far. This week’s update.

Sunday, May 17th – I reported, without Powerpoint, during the Bible class and preached at the Mountain Home congregation. A young girl responded to the invitation, preplanned, so we all went to Center Hill for the baptism. That night I did a repeat at Center Hill, with PowerPoint, but with only 25 minutes for the report, and the sermon afterwards. Then two hours in a meeting with the full eldership of nine shepherds.

Monday, May 18th – Vicki, Leila and I had lunch with Vernon and Ellen Lacey at Couch’s BBQ. Always fun to be with them.

Tuesday, May 19th – Vicki and I went to W. Memphis and lunched with Barbara A. Oliver, talked about our projects, plans. Restaurant waiters kept wanting to know if we needed something else. No, just time together.

Wednesday, May 20th – Attended at Center Hill, one of the elders told me that during their meeting the previous night they determined one decision: the Center Hill church would maintain their present level of support for one year. Which I take to mean a significant decrease and perhaps drop of sponsorship is coming. Time for the fund-raising trail, then.

Thursday, May 21st – Vicki and I to Jonesboro for new glasses. Dad and I went to funeral home 7:30 p.m., visitation for Bueford Williams and Lottie Edrington. Mr. Williams is brother to my mom’s brother-in-law.

Friday, May 22nd – Elder Vernon invited me to Exchange Club luncheon. I wound up being, impromptu, the speaker of the day, about Brazil and a bit about our work with the children’s home. Got home, three cousins on McDonald side of family were visiting from St. Louis, here for funeral of their uncle. Then Vicki, Leila and I off to Jonesboro to buy glasses and for them to choose some clothes. I survived shopping with DW and DD. Back to Paragould, directly to Bill Tripps and supper, also with Leo and Betty Yeary. To mom and dad’s around midnight.

Saturday, May 22nd – With Mom and Vicki to Lafe school reunion at Marmaduke High School. Mom attended there grades 1-8, I grades 1-11. James Cook from my class was only classmate there this time, though we saw lots of people I knew. My first time, so was a pleasant moment.

Tomorrow, Lord willing, we go to North Little Rock and hope to pass through McCrory to meet Matt Clifton of BNc hosting and webmastering.

J. Randal Matheny

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