Treadmill test

The receptionist had me raise my shirt in the waiting room to see if I had a hairy chest.

treadmillHere’s the scoop. I arrived with no watch, but I was a few minutes early. No clock in the waiting room, so I can’t say how long I waited, but it was around 15 minutes. A part of a doctor’s oath is requiring a minimum wait period for the patient.

The receptionist-doctor’s assistant took my referral from Dr. Evelyn and my insurance card and bopped out the paperwork in five-minutes flat. I signed and waited.

Since with the treadmill test one looks like the six-million-dollar man (remember?) with electrodes stuck all over the body, the receptionist asked if I had much hair on my chest. Since “much” is relative, I said not much, so she asked me to raise my shirt for her to see. The waiting room was empty besides myself, so I did.

She took me back to the treadmill room and shaved the spots where the electro-pads would be placed. The instructions said to bring your own disposable razor, but I don’t use that type, so counted on their supply.

After an interlude, the cardiologist arrived. She is Vicki’s heart doctor, hence my reason for going to her for the test. But I didn’t talk to her before, since she was merely doing the test for Dr. Evelyn. She was very professional, all business, didn’t even ask about Vicki (maybe she didn’t realize I was her husband). She explained the test, attached the wires and off we started walking.

My legs played out before my lungs. For swimming I use a different set of muscles than for walking or running. From my layman’s interp of the results, my blood pressure went up quicker than expected, but there was no isquemia or problem with blood flow that the test could identify.

I sat a very few minutes in the waiting room afterwards until the receptionist brought the results to carry to Dr. Evelyn. She asked if I wanted an atestado or written excuse to present to one’s work supervisor. Since I go to doctors once a decade, it took me a few minutes to figure out what she was offering. Good thing I declined.

Now Dr. Evelyn wants me to do some routine blood work. You may not know this, but doctors are also cousins to vampires.

J. Randal Matheny

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