Travel tidbits

Travel today is about speed. Besides getting to the destination, there’s little positive about travel. Star Trek’s transporter room looks ever more attractive to me.

• I talked about our trip to Georgia, Forthright Mag, Richard Mansel, and fund-raising, briefly, in my editorial yesterday, “Travels and Love.”

• The theory of air travel is wonderful. The experience is less so. Made so by airports and screeners and parking lots and lines and a gazillion other bureaucratic and commercial hoops. Then there are the torture instruments that pass for airplane seats. Flying in the 1940s must have been a dream.

• Lest comments here be weighted on the negative side, let me say: cruise control is a wonderful thing.

• Read my comments on a quote about stage coaches on my posterous thingy.

• People put windows in a house, then never open them, shutter them, curtain them, hide them, and otherwise forget them. What am I missing? And front doors that never get used.

• One one side of the one-state Interstate, I-16 has barriers on the offramps and onramps that can be lowered. For what, hurricanes? My small brain hasn’t understood those yet. Someone enlighten me. And it was creepy seeing them at every exit. I expected to see a Soviet roadblock at any moment.

• We followed the evacuation route out of Hinesville. Hurricane Igor had just formed in the Atlantic. Well, OK, it was on the other side of the globe, but hey, drama is imagination, right?

• The nine hours from Hinesville to Huntsville was the longest single stretch on this U.S. visit. The next closest was from Chandler OK to Paragould AR, seven hours, I think. After three or four, it’s all a blur to me.

• With Interstates, WalMarts and restaurant and hotel chains, America has been homogenized. But à la McDonalds, the upside is, you know what you’re getting. Most of the time. And that can be a good thing.

• In the wee hours of Sept. 11, Vicki and I awoke to the strong smell of something burning. But that’s for next time.

J. Randal Matheny

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2 thoughts on “Travel tidbits

  1. I have thought of all that driving you guys are having to do while you are here and my empathy is with you all. I love your comment about “cruise control”. I’m going to borrow it for a fb post.

  2. Hi, Tina, I’d read your comment on the road somewhere, I think, and didn’t get back to it to reply. We logged between five to six thousand miles in seven weeks. I’m amazed at how well we held up. Cruise control was a blessing. As was the nice little rental car we had, which logged all those miles without a hitch. This homebody is read to stay home for a bit!

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