Traveling today

Some movers were here to pick up the bunk beds that we’re giving to some friends. The Missus said some history was going out the door. Our boys grew up sleeping on those beds.

In the midst of that, we’re getting ready to travel in a few hours for the big event up in the northeast. Over on GoSpeak, you’re probably tired of reading about it.

Three-hour flight, it is. They don’t do daylight savings time up there, in that state, so we lose an hour going up, and will gain it coming back.

No good option going to the airport, so I hired transport. Not cheap, so I’m not happy about that, but I’ll survive. To pick us up (and that at midnight!), friends will give us a lift.

We’ll likely be out of Internet range until next week. Don’t be alarmed at our silence. And don’t grow to liking it. 🙂

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