Bible’s greatest topics: Gospel

Below is the translation of the 3×5 card I handed out last Wednesday night. We covered half of it, will finish it next Wednesday. It’s part of a series I’m doing.

This lesson is an acrostic for the Portuguese word for gospel, evangelho. No way to retain the acrostic, of course.

  • Scriptures: it’s all in the Bible, 2 Tim 3.14-17.
  • Truth: Christ-fact, 1Co 15.3-5, 1 Jn 1.1-4, Gal 2.14.
  • Action: power of God to save, Rom 1.16, Rom 5.6.
  • New birth in God’s family, Jn 3.3, 6.
  • Grace of God: nothing to earn, Eph 2.4-10.
  • Eternity: eternal life for the soul, Jn 17.3, Jas 1.16.
  • Freedom: freed from sin to serve God, Rom 6.17-18.
  • Inheritance: hope of the future, Ac 20.32, Eph 1.18-19.
  • Obedience: required to obey, Lk 24.47, Jn 12.50.

For more about the gospel, see this link:

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