My top 7 posts for the year, surprised?

A bit of poetry and music lyrics, a couple on Bible reading, devotional, and exegesis. It’s all here! And good for us to look back a bit and see what catches the readers’ eye.

#7. Exclusive and total commitment. A devotional with a hard saying.

#6. New lyrics to old hymn: “His Way with Thee.” How dare I touch this sacred piece!?

#5. How are we doing on day 17 of the Bible reading system of 10 chapters a day? Maybe we ought to update this again.

#4. Poll: How little Americans read the Bible. Some friends don’t like my conclusions from the poll.

#3. There are no members of the church. Generated a good bit of discussion with some good friends.

#2. “The Woman of My Dreams.” This poem from 2008 continues to gather hits.

#1. “This Life Is Full of Wrong.” This poem apparently touches a nerve to have garnered first place this year.

There’s probably not one that sticks out in your mind …

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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