“Too much reasoning is a great distraction. Those who reason – the indevout wise – quench the inward spirit as the wind extinguishes a candle. After being with them for awhile, we perceive our hearts dry, and our mind off its centre.” –François Fenelon

Religionists, especially those who appeal to tradition, history, and human authorities, tend toward too much reasoning to establish their positions. How much more simple to stick with the Word of God and speak where it speaks, and keep silent where it is silent!

Fenelon’s point is not far from a phrase I read somewhere that someone spoke in footnotes. Now, I like footnotes. But the phrase so caught my eye and kept me thinking about what that means. To always speak in footnotes would be to speak on tangents, on minor matters, always rabbinically quoting the authorities and never coming out and stating flatly that this is the Truth of the Matter, speaking in ifs and buts and qualifications and safeguards.

On these questions, there is a way to go back home. Go back to the Word. Let its simplicity, directness, and clarity sound out.

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