Tomogram done, now we wait

Yesterday Vicki had the tomogram done, a day late because of insurance bureaucracy.

The results will come back Thursday or Friday afternoon, which we must pick up. She has an appointment set up with the specialist next Monday. So until then we wait and count on your prayers.

After the initial shock of the “C” word, Vicki’s taking it in stride, thankful that this has been discovered so we can know what it is exactly. She went for two months between dentist, homeopath and specialist and nobody knew anything except to say what it wasn’t.

J. Randal Matheny

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1 thought on “Tomogram done, now we wait

  1. It is my prayer that she not have “C” in anyway shape form or fashion.
    My wife and I went thru a similar experience about 10 years ago. One doctor thought he saw something on her mammogram, we had the surgery scheduled, she was on the streacher getting ready to go into surgery. At the last minute, the surgeon had another radiologist look at the film and it was determined it was a small cyst and not a tumor at all. She nearly flew off that streacher..ha.
    All said and done, she’s not had any issues at all since then and has continued to have her yearly mammograms.

    God watch over Vicki and you during this time and forever.


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