Today’s tidbits

A few things going on today.

  • Thanks to Forthright’s new Assistant Editor, Richard Mansel, we’re getting a new columnist, monthly for now. Details to be announced soon. We’re now getting him settled in.
  • I was working away this morning at the office and pop! off went the electricity. I’m on my neighbor’s account, at the music school, and the company had sent out workers to cut power. The last bill was almost three times the average, the music neighbors requested the meter be reread, it wasn’t done, bill wasn’t paid, so here they came to disconnect. And nobody bothered to tell me to save my text.
  • I traded money today at 1.67, the lowest in recent history. Ouch! Vicki said it was 1.63 the other day at the bank.
  • A year or so ago I asked our friendly neighborhood directors (we live in a small, modest gated community) if I could distribute a flyer in the neighborhood about a Bible class or study. Rule against it. Saturday, all the cars were plastered with a local Catholic church’s June party. I want to ask if the rules changed. It’s likely it was done without asking permission of the neighborhood junta. After all, easier to ask forgiveness than ask permission.
J. Randal Matheny

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