Today’s Hardship

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Today’s Hardship

by J. Randal Matheny

Hardship forces choice between today’s
Convenience and the bliss of heavenly hope;
The tears and trials show two contrary ways:
To seek to soften the blows, to level the slope,
To lessen the pain, to win man’s puny praise;

The higher way bucks up beneath the weight,
Considers earthly ills eternal gain,
Holds out for full reward better late
With peace and rest forever, than obtain
A respite from burdens only loosed at the gate.

But who will bear the noonday toil and heat,
So that tomorrow he may find relief?
For one brave soul, a thousand cowards retreat,
And in their flight, come to greater grief;
To shrink from pain is in the end defeat.

Lonely is the path, but not alone,
For as the rocky turns grow ever steep,
The paling crowds faint at briar and stone;
Instead of climbing they would rather sleep,
No future promise can, for them, atone.

Bear up, my sons and daughters, bear your load,
The sun is high and hot, but not for long,
Resist the call to rest while on the road,
Join hands to climb, throw out your throaty song,
For soon, yes, soon! you’ll reap the crop you sowed.


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J. Randal Matheny

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