Here’s what the bread looks like that I consume sometimes at mid-morning break. The small rolls are made fresh throughout the day. Then throw that baby on a flat grill with some butter, and you got some serious matter for your taste buds.

Swirl some of the pingado (coffee and milk) in your mouth along with that, and it’s hard to beat.

Cost of the two: R$2,50, or about a buck and a half in American coin. Usually, I go with the smaller coffee, the cafezinho, with no milk (lactose intolerant), for R$1,90, but there are days, like today, with a cooling slow rain, when more is needed.

The guy who made the best cappuchino quit his job, and the girls who work there make it too watery. So I’ve quit drinking those.

Well, that’s more than you ever wanted to know about my mid-morning break. On to weightier things …

One of The Maiden’s friends leaves today. Another decided to stay through Saturday, rather than hie back to the capital. The third will stay another week and a half until she goes to serve as a monitor at camp. She’s from out of state, so we gave the thumbs up for her to park here until then.

My knee wound improves each day, thanks to The Missus’ ministrations. Give it another week or two and I’ll be good as new.

The latest GoSpeak report appeared yesterday. Be sure to read it, with all the good news going on of late.

Our midweek home Bible reading group resumes tonight. The family of five from down south that visited Sunday plans to participate. The one that hopes to move here. Our regulars are still traveling, some to a farm in another state, others to Disneyworld.

Brazilians say that the new year only starts after Carnaval. January is the big vacation month, and Carnaval usually falls in February. This year, however, being a moving holiday attached to, and immediately preceding, Ash Wednesday, it occurs in March. So maybe people will think of stoking the fire before then.

Last, Larry Miles reminds us in “Holy Aspirations” that Philippians 3:8-14 is a tremendous passage to read at the beginning of the year. Let’s make our aspirations holy as well.

What do you think?