To bless

Does Twitter work? I just ordered The Lutheran Study Bible, because I was impressed with tweets from @lutheranbible. Here’s a blurb, from a list of key terms and phrases in the book of Psalms:

bless. Hbr barak, “To bestow ability for success” (from the greater person to the lesser) or “to praise a person’s ability for success” (from the lesser person to the greater). Refers to bending the knees, perhaps to kneel and receive a pronouncement of inheritance with all its wealth (cf Gn 27). “Bless the Lord” has the sense of “greet” and is common in the Psalms, expressing thanks and praise (34:1; 145:1, 10). In faith, praise is the greatest gift we can offer to our Lord. The blessing that came from the temple at Jerusalem now resonates through the Church, brought by pastors, missionaries, teachers, and other Christians who proclaim the Gospel of Christ’s sacrifice.

There’s an inordinate interest in Luther, as might be expected, but the guy did have much good to say, and the devotional hints, with prayers, add to it. ESV is good choice of version. I thought it would be a good variation from the traditional general evangelical material.

Prepub price for hardback is $35, not a bad deal for TLSB. Those familiar with the NIV/NASB Study Bible will feel at home with the format. Scheduled release, Sept. 30.

Interesting feature to me is that it has participation of consultants from Brazil.

J. Randal Matheny

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