‘Tis the season to do folly

 Brazilian Zeal Missions weekly report, a few days late.

Today is the first-year anniversary of our BrotherhoodNews.com news service. I take stock of our experience during this time in an editorial on the BNc site and add a bit of personal perspective on my blog.

At Taubaté, I’ve segued from the sermon series about functions and roles in the church to considering Jesus as Lord. The first sermon in this series served as the conclusion to the previous. His role is Lord; ours as subjects.

This seven-sermon series will all derive from the uses of “Lord” in 1 Corinthians 1.

At SJCampos I continue to teach the adult Bible class on the subect of the Holy Spirit. This next Sunday, the topic will be baptism in the Spirit. Adauri is preaching this quarter.

This past weekend, up through Wednesday, was the annual Carnaval holiday. Many Christians have retreats to get away from the immoral behavior, a Mardi Gras atmosphere on a national scale. It is truly the season to do folly for the world.

Leila traveled this Carnaval holiday to Belo Horizonte with Christian friends for a Christian youth camp. Last Friday I took her by bus to Sao Paulo where she met up with the group. From there they caught a commercial overnight bus to Belo Horizonte, an 8-9 hour trip.

I’d nixed the trip for Leila without an adult along, so somebody found Fernando, a brother at the Vila Maria congregation in Sao Paulo, to accompany the four girls and one guy.

On her way back, she and the group took the same commercial bus route during the day Wednesday. She arrived late at night, so Jorge and Paula Santana picked her up at the bus station. She stayed at their house Wednesday night, and they put her on a bus for here yesterday for the one-hour, twenty-minute ride.

This was her first major trip away from home without Mom and Dad, not counting camp sessions. So we were a bit beside ourselves until we knew she had arrived safely.

Vicki and I stayed at home during the frenetic holiday season, and I worked through most of it.

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  1. Most definitely. These are dangerous times to travel on the road, with so much drinking. A time to hunker down.

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