Time together

On Tuesday Edson and Rosana came to SJCampos from Sao Sebastiao down on the coast for some shopping.

Edson called me and asked if I had time to chat with them. So I met them at one of the shopping centers and the three of us had a long chat about the work and the difficulties before us.

I also took him to one of the religious bookstores here, since he needed to buy a Bible for someone in the congregation there.

Edson mentioned they not only continue to have Sunday meetings in his house, but are now having the Lord’s supper on the island across from their town, as well going every two weeks to hold services in the city of Ubatuba, where a few Christians live.

Three hours well spent with them, encouraging and being encouraged. They are rather excluded in their location, so this contact with them is beneficial.

Today, they and some others should be coming up from the coast for our monthly advanced Bible study. Today, since I had a teacher cancel out on me, I’ll be teaching on demons.

We spend two and a half hours in our Saturday studies, from 3:30-6:00 p.m.

J. Randal Matheny

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