Editorial throw-off

Below are some of the flittery paragraphs, plus a few, that didn’t make the cut for today’s Forthright Magazine article, “Monday editorial flitter.”

¶ At the editorial link above, you’ve been given a Monarch butterfly to enjoy. Around here, though, the common butterfly is solid yellow, a smiling burst of joy that flutters the heart. Can’t miss them.

¶ Jesus is called the Word because he expresses the mind of God. “As a word is an exact image of an idea, so is ‘The Word’ an exact image of the invisible God” (A. Campbell).

¶ Remind me again why I stay on FB and Twitter? I keep forgetting the reasons.

¶ Finally cooled off last week, as the globe turns. Heat goblins were resisting the season change, but they finally lost their grip.

¶ Waiting for Trump to step in the gap to cover my income losses and then finance my plans. Waiting.

¶ So the solution to a broken but superior system is to break it more until nothing is left of it? Smart.

¶ “Christians should be truthful in all matters, and this includes letting a person know when the doctors say he has no hope for recovery” (H. Vander Lugt).

¶ So it’s hubris to propose that we skip 20 centuries of “church” history, as if it had nothing to teach us? It does teach us; the biggest lesson is on how many ways there are to depart from God’s original plan.

¶ If the stream was polluted close to the source, but I want to drink pure water, how far up do I have to go?

¶ The problem is not in falling, but in not getting back up. God pulls a man up every time, when he is righteous, Prov 24.15-16.

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J. Randal Matheny

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