Below are three short stanzas done off the cuff for a couple of Facebook groups. I wrote the first two for our new UPLift Poetry and Postive Thoughts group. If you’re on Facebook come join us there. The group link is HERE.

The third stanza was done for a positive poetry group, also on Facebook, which I joined recently.

Enjoy them all and shine!


The eyes scan earth and sea and sky,
For shattering signs of change and quake;
They miss the tender shoots that lie
Beneath the surface, soon to wake.


The storms explode above our heads,
The ground beneath gives way;
But we sleep soundly in our beds–
God’s hand and power hold sway.


The inward look is good for an hour,
To find what blocks our inner power;
But outward sight lasts all the day,
To see God’s grace in full display.

What do you think?