Threatened with the loss of everything


What would cause the Israelite leaders to take such a radical position?

A proclamation was circulated throughout Judah and Jerusalem that all the exiles were to be assembled in Jerusalem. Everyone who did not come within three days would thereby forfeit all his property, in keeping with the counsel of the officials and the elders. Furthermore, he himself would be excluded from the assembly of the exiles.
Ezra 10.7-8 NET

Many of the people, recently returned from exile, had married foreign women. It was against God’s law, v. 3. It constituted “infidelity,” v. 6.

Failure to appear at the assembly would show reluctance to take the necessary steps to solve the problem which threatened the very existence of the people of God.

There would be but one solution, sooner or later: send away the women and their children, v. 3.

This action sought to restore the identity of the people of Israel.

We need the same spirit of action today. It’s necessary to act in conformity with Christ’s law. In order to restore and preserve the identity of the Lord’s church, it is important that we show the same care and seriousness that Israel did, together with Ezra.

Come rain, come shine, we must obey God’s commandments.

J. Randal Matheny

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