Thoughts after thundershower


Just a few thoughts here this fine morning, after a thundershower last night:

  • Good week, overall, in Internet writings for me. Makes a body feel good.
  • BNc story on the preaching student that got killed for baptizing a person is getting lots of hits, as expected. Just wish some other stories got many visits as well.
  • Some years ago, we had our church meeting only on Sunday evenings. (Churches in Brazil have, normally, only one meeting per Sunday.) I enjoyed having the mornings. I like being back in that schedule again.
  • Day 34 of our Bible reading program, still going strong. (Lord, keep us going well.) I also like having my prayer (and work) life organized on the “hipster pda” (aka 3×5 cards).
  • A crack in the binding of my Portuguese NVI Bible is widening. (Between Rv 4 and 5.) We tried to buy new Bibles when we started the reading program, but the NVI version is up for a revision in 2015, I think it is, according to the Biblica people told me. Trying to hold out for the new revision.
  • The revision will include, at least, a Portuguese update, to remove accents and other spelling changes because of the reform treaty of 1990. (Yeah, we had to learn some of the spelling all over again.) I hope they do some translation update as well.

Oh, not my pic above, btw.

J. Randal Matheny

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