Thoughts on a Friday night

• The year is almost half over; my life is over half gone. Where did they go?

• I forgot to bring a single copy of my book to Brazil. Major oversight.

• If you’ve not bought a copy yet of Choose!, why not?

• No definite commitments from recent trip to the U.S. in search of new partners in the gospel. Several churches will consider it. How long will they take?

• Somers Ave. will make up funds still lacking through the end of the year, giving us a needed breather as we continue the search.

• Though I’ve not hit the ground running after getting back, we watched a World Cup game at friends’ house on Tuesday, day of return; had the study Wednesday night; made a hospital visit Thursday night for 1 1/2 hrs; have a meeting of men and of women tomorrow; I’ll preach both in SJC and Taubate on Sunday. Not a bad start back.

• Proud of Leila for helping at the hospital last night with little Alyssa and for her good attitude when it ate into her birthday supper; gave her the option of still eating out last night at 8:30 p.m. or waiting until tonight. She preferred the latter.

• I don’t hear from my kids as much as I’d like. Do my parents hear from me as much as they’d like? (I talked to mom today BTW.)

• Prayed at the hospital last night for 12-year-old Natalia, having complications after appendectomy. Doctor was considering reopening her. Her fever went down and new surgery has been placed on hold. Prayer answered.

• Big disappointment this past week. But not sure yet, for lack of information, if it really is.

• Will August mean third time’s charm? Went last year for 2 months, this year for 1 month in search of new partners in the gospel, going again in August for more of same, hoping for different results.

• Police investigators, we’re told, say there are no coincidences. If not, then there is malice in one I considered a friend. I prefer to hold to a coincidence here.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Friday night

  1. It’s just half your life HERE that’s “over.” In fact, the good influence you’ve had on hundreds, including me, will last forever. And then, there’s eternity. The best is yet to come — literally.

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