This Blank Screen

Today’s Cloudburst selection goes from a computer screen to the day that lies before you.

Here’s the first of three stanzas of my brand new poem, “This Blank Screen:”

This blank screen challenges me to write,
A newborn field, in colorful black and white,
It beckons to venture, to start anew, to soar,
It urges forward, to be and strive for more.

Well, sometimes that screen is black and green, where I do some writing. Lately, I’m doing more on my new account on this nice little spot, tiddlywiki being a favorite of mine. The old standby is my NoteTab Pro software, my favorite text editor, where I painted the background a faint yellow. Other times, I’m on my Alphasmart Neo. (I started today’s poem in NoteTab and finished it in tiddlyspot.) But you get the main idea of the stanza.

The idea in the third verse about shining and clouds comes from a Facebook conversation this morning with a friend.

No groundbreaking here, just a nice little verse to encourage you.

And, as always, if you’re one of those sad cases who isn’t signed up to my free email list, just ask and I’ll send you the whole poem, just because I’m nice. This once.

J. Randal Matheny

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