Some news sites tell us in brief things to know for the day. Let’s borrow the idea for the gospel.

  1. News headlines change, God doesn’t.
  2. Governments hide their dirty laundry; God is holy and reveals his holiness.
  3. The most popular names for 2012 were Jacob and Sophia; God’s name has always been “I AM.”
  4. Men are protesting that women are now praying at Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall; God hears prayer from anywhere.
  5. Drones spy on the unsuspecting, both upstanding citizens and terrorists alike; God sees all, knows the righteous, blesses the obedient.
  6. Criminals drained $45 million from bank reserves to fund pre-paid credit cards; God preserves the treasure laid up in heaven.
  7. Horrific details emerge about the captivity of three Cleveland women; God shows us the devastation caused by sin’s captivity.
  8. Facebook is a time sinkhole; the Bible is time well spent and eternity guaranteed.
  9. Famous actors good at memorizing lines spout extemporaneous idiocy; God always speaks truth that frees. And last of all …
  10. Talk already flies about the 2016 US presidential election; God elected the obedient for salvation before the world began.

What Bible verses come to mind for each of these points?

7 thoughts on “10 things to know for Friday … or any day

  1. I still wish that you had a “Like” button, such as on the Fellowship Room. Anyway, this is good, and I am going to put it in our bulletin.

        • I don’t think it’s a question of template (theme). To get the like button, I think you have to be hosted by, on their website. I’m not, we have our own server. At least, I think that’s how you get a like button …

  2. Randy,

    Is it okay to put this and maybe future “Walking with God” in the church bulletin?
    John Brim

    • Hello, John. Certainly! I’d be honored. If you have room to include a link back here to, I’d appreciate that.

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