“Nobody is interested in the truth of the gospel!” We say or think that at times, frustrated by the refusal of many to hear and accept the message of Christ.

Therefore, be certain of this: God’s salvation has been sent to the Gentiles. They will listen!
Acts 28.28 CEB

Having arrived in Rome, the apostle Paul again offers the gospel to the Jews, the majority of whom reject Christ. He concentrates his efforts, then, among the Gentiles, where he finds greater receptivity.

Perhaps we need to find our “Gentiles,” people interested in God’s will, for somewhere someone will listen.

Father, put me in the path of those who want to hear the gospel. And let me be one of those who listen to your will.

Hold this thought: The gospel was made to succeed in evangelism.

3 thoughts on “They will listen

  1. It took an act of God to open Peter’s eyes the first time. It took an embarrassing rebuke from a fellow apostle the next time. “Young” Peter has much to teach us. When will we learn? When will we learn?! Thanks for provoking us!

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