They trusted

This text deserves some reflection: “The men of Israel gave ground to Benjamin, because they trusted the men in ambush whom they had set against Gibeah” (Judges 20:36 ESV).

1. They trusted a plan.

This was their third attempt, and first time to really plan out their attack. The NIV translates the phrase, “they relied on the ambush.”

We need a plan, a good plan, and then we need to trust it by going through with our part.

2. They trusted their fellow soldiers.

It was risky business retreating before an army that had licked them twice before. If those waiting in ambush didn’t come through, it would have been impossible to stop, reorganize and meet the oncoming Benjamites.

We need to gather people around us whom we can work with and trust to do their part; in the church, we can find saints who will be true companions and co-laborers.

3. They trusted the Lord.

After twice asking and getting a positive reply to go to war against Gibeah, and after twice getting beaten back, the Israelites were perplexed. More than that they cried and fasted before the Lord, and he told them that this third time he would give the city into their hand. Then, there was no saying, “Third time’s charm.” This was a real issue of whether or not they would trust in the Lord to take the city.

When the Lord makes a promise, he means it. It may seem that we’re getting beaten, but he will choose his time to deliver. Ours is to persevere.

    J. Randal Matheny

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    2 thoughts on “They trusted

    1. Randal,
      I don’t have any other perspectives to add, perse, but I have a poem that I have had for many years. It’s just really great and depicts God’s timing…not ours, and our perserverance in continuing to trust HIm. Perhaps you can use it… 🙂
      It’s entitled:


      My life is but a weaving
      Between my God and me
      I may not choose the colors
      He knows what they should be
      For He can view the pattern
      Upon the upper side.
      While I can see it only
      On this the under side.

      Sometimes He weaveth sorrow
      Which seems so strange to me
      But I will trust His judgement
      And work on faithfully
      Tis He who fills the shuttle
      He knows just what is best
      So I shall weave in earnest
      And leave with Him the rest.

      At last when life is ended
      With Him I shall abide
      Then I may view the pattern
      Upon the other side
      Then I shall know the reason
      Why pain with joy entwined
      Was woven in the fabric
      Of life that God designed.

      Agape, Beth

    2. Beth, very nicely done, good meter, thanks for sharing. One of the best I’ve read in a while.

    What do you think?