Love of moneyEvery man has his price. So says the cynic. And there are enough people like the soldiers at Jesus’ tomb to give him reason for his affirmation.

So they took the money and did as they were instructed.
Matthew 28:15 NET

The guards at the tomb had seen a horrifying angel. They knew about the resurrection of the Crucified One. They saw up close the power of God.

Even at that, they accepted the bribe and lied about the facts.

Throughout his gospel, Matthew says much about money. In the Sermon on the Mount, he cites Jesus’ words, “You cannot serve God and money” (Matthew 6:24b).

For whoever serves money has his price.

2 thoughts on “They took the money

  1. As has been pointed out numerous times in the past, it was not the money that was the problem, but the love one has with what the money can bring. I’m curious, is the love of money Philia or Eros? I know it cannot be Agape. Where would the “love” of money be classified?
    Just thinking outloud here, but I would entertain your thoughts……for a price…..ha.

  2. In Lk 16,14 and 2Tm 3.2, it’s ???????????, using philia in a compound word, “lover(s) of money.”

    In 1 Tm 3.3 and Hb 13.5 it’s ????????????, another compound with philia, “free from the love of money”.

    In 1Tm 6.16 it’s ???????????, all these off the compound stem, using philia, “love of money.”

    Unless my nap has my fingers out of whack.

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