Christian worshipThey sin who attend worship. Every Christian meeting invites participation and not passivity. Every meeting is participatory and not only to be watched. God is the audience; the observers are the heavenly hosts. The special singers are the congregation.

With antiphonal response they sang, praising and glorifying the LORD:
“For he is good;
his loyal love toward Israel is forever.”
All the people gave a loud shout as they praised the LORD when the temple of the LORD was established. (Ezra 3:11 NET)

The singing of the Israelites on this day were probably in the style of Psalm 136, where all sang a refrain. Praise was sung by all.

One problem, among various, of special singing groups is that they encourage performance. They turn into presentations to be watched. The emphasis falls on musical quality rather than meaning of the words. Congregations should resist the use of special groups, so that all may participate in the meetings.

Let us be full participants, heart and tongue, in praising God and in meetings where Christ is Lord.


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  1. We need participants, not “praise leaders.” Those are code words for “choir” in churches of Christ.

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