They say God will not save

So does God want to save us, or not? Does God look out for our interests, or not? Does God pay attention to our suffering, or not? Mockers and those who have lost hope say that he does not.

Many say about me,
“God will not deliver him.”
Psalm 3.2 NET

One Portuguese translation, used in today’s meditation, renders the phrase, “God is not interested in saving me.”

They say that, if the world were a clock, God would have wound it up and walked away, without looking back.

The universe follows impersonal laws, and we are nothing more than ants on the earth. So they say.

But the faithful one, according to Psalm 3, sees the hand of God on all sides, perceives his activity in the midst of his people, feels peace and rest when it’s time to sleep.

Whenever I call to you, our Father, I receive your reply from your holy habitation.

Hold this thought: God acts quickly in behalf of his people.

J. Randal Matheny

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