Tinkering again with themes (and a baby photo)

A switch of site theme is like a change of clothes. It should happen often. That’s my philosophy.

With the transfer of this and others of our sites (BNC, FMag, etc.) to a new host server, I figured it was time to change themes again.

The background photo is by our friend Gerald, now living in E.Tenn.

Maybe I’ll stay with this theme for a while. Maybe I won’t. So pop in for new views. Or not.

The theme I really want has not been created yet. If I knew how …

This one is a bit boxy for me, but it’ll serve for now. Does it work for you?

BTW, if you want to contact me, please don’t do it on FB. I’m not on there much. Post comments are great. Love those. Twitter is good, as are the contact pages of our sites, like the ones above. Or my email. I’ll probably see email before anything.

Photo: Granddaughter Tessa blowing bubbles. (Somehow, the photo shows up only on the main page, so here it is again)



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