• The theme to  The Fellowship Room has been changed, due to problems that some have with comments. I don’t know if this will be good or not, since it diminishes from the group blog concept. We’ll see.

• Still cold and rainy today. My hands are chilled. I tend to eat more in this kind of weather. Just what I need before traveling again to the US, to gain weight before hitting the Glutton Capital of the world.

• The nifty little theme I’d chosen for my personal blog isn’t working out, missing some key elements in blogging. Not many options left. I’ve got a holder in place. Am going to blog through posterous here, hoping the previous theme was the cause of code not being properly rendered.

• The 21st Century Edition, or whatever they call it, of the New Bible Commentary has been released in Portuguese. I bought a copy for Jorge. He and Paula have been so kind to us, and generous, in so many ways, it’s not too much of a gift for him.

• A growing conviction about life. More on that later, when it hardens into a certainty.

P.S. It’s the setup here that apparently doesn’t take well to sending posts by email. Limitation.

What do you think?