The World Awash

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My reply to the embittered poster in the PF forum had a phrase in it that grabbed me and called out for a poem. So this morning after I got to the office, I sat down and popped out “The World Awash.” ( A poem takes me, on average, from 30 minutes to an hour to write.)

See if you can find, in the text of my reply, the phrase in the first line of the poem. A “Where’s Wally” search of sorts.

Obviously, the prophet referred to in the poem is Elijah, for you biblical illiterates, when he despairs of life and complains of being the only faithful one left (1 Kings 19).

I still enjoy using the past subjunctive “were”, though it has greatly fallen out of use. Most people just stick in “was” and let it go at that. But it serves a purpose in the poem, since the past subjunctive indicates a situation contrary to fact.

A couple comments on “The Gleam of Ireland:”

I received your poem and loved it. You must be Irish, for you have certainly kissed the blarney stone! and gifted! I also liked your poem in dishonor of Obama. I wish America would wake up! –Mary W.

Actually, Mary, my roots, or the major part of them are English, to whence fled the Mathenys from Flanders, whose roots lie in the Manor of Mathenay in — I’m sorry to say — France. On my mother’s side, we’re close to Ireland; the McDonalds I imagine are of Scottish cloth.

Must be something in the air today I was just sitting here enjoying Celtic Woman – A New Journey and filling out one of those “get to know you” questionnaire things that float around and one question was where would you like to visit if you could visit anywhere. My answer was Ireland! I have fallen in love with Celtic Woman music, have since about 2006 I guess. My daughter got me concert tickets to see them Christmas before last and I got to see them in concert when they came to Fox Theater here in St. Louis, Mo., and wish I could this year again. So much of Ireland is about beauty and family, it seems I just must have some Irish in me somewhere! LOL Thanks for the poem. –Bev R.

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