The will of God in Romans 12:2

I was reading this morning Andrew Murray’s chapter on “The Will of God” (I’m reading a chapter a day).

Then I wondered: have I ever heard a sermon on the three adjectives — good, acceptable, perfect — that describe the will of God in Romans 12:2? I don’t remember ever hearing one. Have you? Seems it would make a wonderful sermon. The three main points are already present, no need to drum up anything.

I recommend Murray’s chapter; it gave me much good to think over, as I munched on a piece of toasted paozinho and sipped a frothy cappuchino. Only four pages in my old copy. Quick read, deep ponderings.

This quote, for a taste, his main point in this chapter, best I can tell:

… we do not take pains to know the will of God in its glory and beauty, as the emanation of love, as the source of power and joy, as the expression of the perfection of God. We think of God’s will only in the law that He gave and that we cannot keep, or in the trials in which this will appears in conflict with our own. O let us no longer do this, but take pains to understand that in the will of God all His love and blessedness are comprehended and can be apprehended by us.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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  1. hey, i am very glad you spent time to share the word of God with others. I hope you will continue to do this. God bless you.

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