The Way is full of great things. Here are three.

Into your hands1. The Great Commandment. Matt. 22:36-40. With the second one thrown in for free, Jesus makes love for God and neighbor the umbrella of the whole law and, don’t you think?, the law of liberty.

2. The Great Commitment. Luke 23:46. When Jesus delivered his spirit up to the Father on the cross, it was the culmination of an entire life committed to the One who sent him. He seeks no less from me.

3. The Great Commission. Matt. 28:18-20. The individual saint and the collective body of Christ exist for the big So what?: To make disciples of all nations. Every word and work must be devoted to saving souls.

The great and holy God has given us great and wonderful blessings in the gospel. Let us obey and love. Let us give all to him. Let us speak the saving Word.

What do you think?