The soaring eagle

My Cloudburst poem goes out early this week, since I’ ve been seeing so many pictures of eagles for our bulletin.

I’m preparing a speech for an event Saturday for Christian men in Sao Paulo. Our family is going to go Friday and spend the night with Jorge and Paula. So I’m doing as much as I can as early in the week as possible.

The church voted on a new bulletin name last Sunday, “Voo da Fe”, which I’ll translate as “Soaring Faith,” since the literal “Flight of Faith” is ambiguous. (Could mean faith is fleeing from something.) So I was looking today on and off for pics of eagles in flight. But not bald eagles, since they’re confined to North American.

And the bulletin will finish with a quote from Isaiah 40:31.

Anyway, all those pics and especially the Isaiah text inspired today’s poem, which I’m sending out today, to be sure it does get sent to the list.

Again, if you didn’t get it, it won’t be put here, but read why and how you can get the next one.

J. Randal Matheny

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