Elders (same as bishops/overseers or shepherds/pastors) have a great responsibility in their work with the church of God. Here’s a poem in honor of their efforts, and especially those who have shepherded me at some point through the years.

This would make a good piece for a church bulletin, sermon poem or just general edification. Be sure to send the link to this page to your favorite elder.

You’re welcome to link to this page (please do), but please do not reproduce this elsewhere on the Internet. In a print bulletin or newsletter is fine, however.

The Savior’s Shepherd
by J. Randal Matheny, Copyright (c) 2010

Give a shepherd’s care
to God’s flock among you.
1 Peter 5:2 NET

You cannot waver nor fall asleep,
For preying wolves appear as sheep;
The newborn lambs require your care,
As easy prey, they need beware
Of prowlers bent on havoc and harm.
Shepherd, shout and sound the alarm!

Your task: protect, defend and feed
All the flock of God, to lead
To verdant fields each ram and ewe.
The erring sheep you must pursue,
Restore the wanderer to the fold.
Shepherd, bring them in from the cold!

Fill your service with purest joy,
Discernment and all wisdom deploy;
Let not this labor weigh on your mind,
Be eager to do the work assigned,
For heaven is for them your goal.
Shepherd, usher to God the soul!

I’m making an exception to the Cloudburst Poetry this time. Usually, I send the verses to the closed email list only, so they won’t be considered published. I want to encourage you to sign up to the list.

I started this late yesterday or last night and finished it up at the office this morning — without Internet, it’s amazing what you can do –, as I waited on the cleaning lady to conclude her whisking away the dust.


6 thoughts on “The Savior’s Shepherd

  1. Randal,
    Jeff Jenkins had received the link to this page which has on it your poem. In keeping with your request, I have added the link to my Sunday Jan. 17, online paper, “Planting the Original Seed.” The paper is about the eldership. Jeff has a piece in it, and I added the link to this page in his article on Top Priorities of Elders. Great poem…and it will be complimentary with the paper I will send Sunday, God willing.
    Best in your work, Don Petty

  2. […] gratified by good feedback on my poem honoring elders, “The Savior’s Shepherd,” over the past day or so. Maybe I’ll go back and read a couple of emails people wrote […]

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